Golden TLC, LLC

Golden Therapeutic Life Coaching

Golden TLC is a life coaching and consultation practice aimed at moving the lives of people of color to healthier spaces.



Individual Coaching

Life Coaching services for individuals ages 13 and up aimed at identifying and achieving personal goals, allowing for a more balanced life. Issues addressed include things such as:

Group Coaching

Group TLC is an option available for those who may be experiencing relationship strain with someone close who is also open and committed to making a positive change. Clients may have goals related to:

Consultation and Professional Development

Coaching for educational institutions to assist with assessing campus climate as well as providing professional development for staff and administration on increasing cross culturally informed practices.


Golden TLC strives to create opportunities for people of color to explore barriers to positive change within their lives, realize the actual potential, and take the steps toward living in a place of both mental and emotional wellness and balance. Through work within the larger communities, Golden TLC aspires to influence those working with our young people to ensure cross-culturally informed practices and continual growth-minded development.


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Simone Golden, CPC, LSW

Personal and Professional Background

Simone Golden is a Licensed Social Worker and Certified Professional Coach with more than 15 years of experience working primarily with individuals, children, and families of color across the home, school, and community settings.

She began her career working in community mental health where she navigated the worlds of homelessness, addiction, psychiatric hospitalization, and more. It was in these early years that she began to understand that her true knowledge within the helping profession would come from the hands on, frontline, immersive work that truly allowed for her to connect with not only the people, but also the systems that were in place to support them.

While those early years were essential, it was after she obtained her Master’s Degree with a specialization in health and mental health in 2009 that Simone began her clinical work within the field, first as a therapist within the Jefferson Hospital systems and then as a contractor providing both Mobile Therapy and Behavior Specialist Consultant services to students and families within the Philadelphia area.

The last 6 years, however, Simone has worked in the capacity of Clinical Director within a private educational company, during which time she also served as a field instructor to both Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania BSW and MSW students. It was during her role as Clinical Director that Simone was able to begin creating and delivering professional development workshops for school district personnel and company staff on topics such as trauma informed classrooms and social emotional learning and it was through these trainings that she realized her knack for engaging audiences as well as her ability to address cultural gaps in educational training and programming.

Simone was inspired to create Golden TLC as a means of combining her knowledge and experience over the years to address the very gaps that she experienced first hand in practice. Creating spaces in which people of color can explore themselves and their experiences within the world in a setting that is well-informed and safe. Creating opportunities for learning, conversing, and growing as professionals who work with students of color to ensure we are operating cross-culturally informed institutions. And ultimately, working on both the individual and systemic levels to influence positive change within the individual lives, workspaces, schools, and communities of people of color.



What is Therapeutic Life Coaching (TLC)?

Therapeutic Life Coaching is a form of coaching that involves the typical strategy of identifying and reaching personal goals, but also allows for conversations, exercises, and techniques that explore issues at a deeper level while maintaining a focus on the present and future. TLC is not a substitute for psychotherapy and is not appropriate for anyone dealing with substance abuse issues, active symptoms of a mental health conditions, or anyone looking to navigate issues from their past. TLC is for those individuals who are committed to putting in the work towards forward change!

The Golden Model

The GOLDEN Model is a guide to therapeutic life coaching that allows for fluidity between stages while maintaining the end goal of changed behavior.

G - GOALS: Identify overarching goal(s) in the coaching process.

O - OWNERSHIP: Take ownership of where you are in relationship to your goal so you can establish a realistic starting place.

L - LIMITING THOUGHTS: Identify and explore what limiting thought processes exist that factor into the client feeling stuck and other potential barriers to growth.

D - DEVELOP - Develop a plan of action. What can be done to bridge the gap between being stagnant and success.

E - ENGAGE - Engage in the action and identify ways to hold oneself accountable.

N - NEXT STEPS: Identify next steps such as looking at what is working versus what is not working, how to maintain positive progress, and anticipation of future barriers.


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