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The Not So Micro Aggression.

It is ironic…the term MICRO-aggression.  My personal experiences have made me a bit hypervigilant when it comes to the comments and behaviors of non-Black folks in my space, so when it happens (a microaggression that is), it feels like anything but MICRO.  As I have gotten older and gained better understanding of intention and nuance, […]

Does Representation Really Matter?

In short, hell yea representation matters!  The End. Professionally speaking however, I would say that having providers that are representative of your own cultural identity provides an added layer of both comfort and qualified care. The helping professions span from your dentist to your gynecologist, primary care doctor, ER physician, teacher, school counselor, chiropractor, mental […]

Black Folks and the Racism Pandemic

In an article posted on May 29, 2020 on the American Psychological Association’s website, their president Sandra L. Shullman stated that “We are living in a racism pandemic which is taking a heavy psychological toll on our African American citizens”.  She goes on to talk about how the stress of the mental consequences are leading […]